The team

  • Joachim (Joaquín) Boehnert (Agricultural engineer & specialist in natural resource protection, agro-forestry, agro- eco – tourisms with experiences in Bolivia, Brazil and Peru. Associated director of the Latin American Vetiver Network of

  •  In cooperation with Dr Paul Truong, Veticon Consulting, Brisbane Australia <> for Vetiver System applications for Erosion control and Phytoremediation <>.

  • Alois Kennerknecht (Agricultural engineer with experiences in urban agriculture, erosion-control, recycling of organic waste ("Ecosilo ALKE") and cleaning of waste-water in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America)
  • Siegrun Karst (Agricultural engineer with experiences in the rural development in Peru)

  • Reinhard Seifert (Agricultural engineer in agricultural economics and expert in water management and re-forestation)

  • Jose Guzman (communication expert and web-site developer)